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Airport Striping

Airport Runway Painting and Line StripingSafety is one of the highest priorities of any airport. Two of the key elements ensuring safety are accurate and highly visible markings and striping. Proper runway markings and runway striping make it easier for pilots to navigate and greatly decreases mistakes and violations. Zimmerman Paint knows the importance of this and brings the necessary knowledge and experience to make sure all airport runways are marked with the highest accuracy to ensure the safety of air crews and passengers.

The Right Tools for the Right Airport Striping

With over five decades of experience, Zimmerman Paint knows what tools are necessary to complete airport projects with accuracy and efficiency. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will complete your project in a timely and efficient manner.

Zimmerman Paint knows the sooner your airport striping is finished, the better; saving you headaches and money. We use the highest quality paints that are not only highly visible but also durable. All of our paints for airport striping comply with Federal Aviation Administration specifications.

All of Zimmerman Paint’s materials and equipment are tested and approved prior to shipping from the manufacturer and we can show a Certificate of Authenticity to prove it!

Airport Striping Services

Zimmerman Paint is Northwest Ohio’s leading airport striping company. Our excellent support and customer service are why the airports in our area continue to use us for all of their airport striping needs. You can view some of them here.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

In addition to airport striping, we also do:

Zimmerman Paint and Helipad Painting

Airports are not just for airplanes. Along with runways, Zimmerman Paint also has expertise in painting helipad markings. Look to us for:

From Aiming Points to Landing Points, we can paint your helipad markings that meet and well exceed FAA guidelines with our non-slip paint. Recent helipad painting projects we have done include Fire Lands Hospital in Sandusky and Willard Memorial Hospital.

For more information about our services, as well as pricing and consultation, contact us!