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Zimmerman Paint’s Warehouse Striping and OSHA Floor Marking

Warehouse Aisle Line Striping and Painting - Zimmerman Paint ContractorsWarehouse striping done correctly leaves a clean, professional look to your warehouse floor and in many cases it is necessary to keep in compliance with OSHA floor marking. Warehouse striping and OSHA floor marking is also as important in the organizational flow of your warehouse staff and visitors. Well laid out warehouse striping will increase the efficiency of warehouse operations, and following the guidelines for OSHA floor marking will ensure the safety of workers and guests alike. This is especially important in areas where fork lift and pedestrian traffic meet or where a safe distance from dangerous equipment must be maintained. Read more about OSHA floor marking.

The complexity of a well-organized warehouse striping layout is best left to trained experts, and Zimmerman Paint has over fifty years in the striping business. Look to us when you need:

Zimmerman Paint uses shot blasting machines to not only remove existing warehouse striping, but also to prepare surfaces for better bonding with paint.

Warehouse Striping Services

Let our expert staff help you with your warehouse floor painting needs. Some of the services we offer include, but are not limited to:

For questions or consultations about warehouse striping or OSHA floor marking, contact us at Zimmerman Paint and we will be happy to help.