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The Advantages of Hydroblasting for Line Removal and Surface Preparation

Hydroblasting Truck for Road Line RemovalLine removal and surface preparation are part of the services offered at Zimmerman Pant. Hydroblasting machines shoot needle-like jets of water at up to 40,000 pounds per square inch, creating a very efficient process for line removal, pavement cleaning and surface preparation. The hydroblasting trucks are also equipped with a simultaneous vacuuming system to instantly extract all dirt and paint removed from the surface. Vacuuming leaves the paved or cement surfaces cleaner and ready for use and or ready for application of sealants and/or paints. Surfaces cleaned with hydroblasting equipment are ready in twenty minutes or less so we can keep highway striping or parking lot striping projects on schedule!

Line removal and surface preparation done with hydroblasting truck leaves virtually no scarring. This ensures surfaces will last longer than with more conventional methods of line removal.

Line removal and surface preparation by hydroblasting is cost effective because it can simultaneously and effectively removes the following applications:

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Hydroblasting Services Offered