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Parking Lot Line Striping Layouts

Line Striping Layouts for Parking Lots - Zimmerman Paint ContractorsWe offer this page for your convenience in planning for your parking lot line painting. There are many parking lot line layouts and styles and it is advisable to check with your city planner before you make definite plans for your parking lot line painting. Here are a few things that can be very helpful to know before you start.

Types of Parking Lot Line Striping

Single Lines – A simple single line separates the car spaces. This parking lot line striping style is usually the least expensive option.

Double Line Striping – This parking lot line striping style is comprised of double lines approximately 1 foot apart from center line to center line. They are usually boxed at the end. This parking lot line striping style is preferred because it adds a little extra room to open doors, giving better entry and exit of parked vehicles

Round End Striping – If you want to create a more sophisticated look to a high-end mall or business lot parking area, you may want to consider this parking lot line striping technique. It is just like the double line striping mentioned above, but with decorative half circle ends. Because they require extra labor to be stenciled, these usually cost more than their standard square-end counterpart.

Custom Line Striping – Want something unique to your business? Call us to discuss your creative ideas for parking lot line striping. We can help you with a custom design and advise you so functionality won’t be compromised.

90 Degree – This parking lot line striping creates what is called head in parking. The vehicle pulls into a stall that is positioned perpendicular to the curb face.

60 Degree – Also called angled parking, this parking lot line striping is the second most common layout. This pattern allows for more back out space from the parking stall and will help prevent fender benders.

45 Degree – Like the 60 degree but the angle on this parking lot line striping pattern is used for tighter areas.

30 Degree – This degree of striping is only used on special occasions and this layout is not typical.

T-stall – Also called boxed stalls. This parking lot line striping layout is used in alleyways or against fences or walls. The spaces run parallel to the wall or fence and the two outer corners of the cars edge are marked with a T.

Tandem Parking – This parking lot striping layout allows for two or three cars per space, depending on the space available. This works when the cars can be moved, as the cars are bumper to bumper.