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Parking Lot Striping

Parking Space Painting and Paint LiningParking lot striping isn’t simply a matter of painting lines. Clear and highly visible lines are necessary to direct the flow of traffic with ease to reduce accidents and confusion, especially with large parking lots. Zimmerman Paint specializes in large parking lot striping—in fact, the bigger and more complicated they are the better. Our parking lot striping services include:

We handle only large parking lot striping (such as malls, amusement parks and multiple floor garages). Zimmerman Paint is the most experienced parking lot striping businesses in Ohio and we have never encountered a pattern that is too big or too complicated!

Our Customer Service Promise for Your Parking Lot Striping

Line Painting for Cedar Point Parking Lot StripingOur customer service is second to no other parking lot striping company. We pride ourselves in having the most efficient parking lot striping crew anywhere. Whether your job is new construction or maintenance on an existing lot, we promise efficient and timely service to insure your business can be carried on with the least amount of disruption possible.

Before we paint the first line, we will assess the property and make sure our customers completely understand the effects different parking lot striping patterns can have on the traffic flow and safety of vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the property. We can also explain any regulations that must be adhered to or assist you with city planners, if necessary, for each specific parking lot striping job. Offering suggestions for how to best utilize the space and how to make your parking patterns most convenient for your customers is part of our service too.

Handicap Space Striping

Handicap Space Line StripingThe Americans Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted in 1990 to make public places more accessible to those with disabilities. Not only do you have to have the proper number of handicap spaces in your parking lot, but they have to be positioned in a specific manner and painted with clear markings. The expert staff at Zimmerman Paint is armed with all the up to date regulatory codes in keeping compliance with the ADA and knows how to optimize your parking lot striping in accordance with it.