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Runway Rubber Removal for Airports

Rubber Removal from Roads - Zimmerman PaintAirport runways can suffer a build up of rubber on its surface from the tires of from the multitudes of aircraft taking off and landing on it on a daily basis. This build up can become hazardous if left untended, as it has a tendency to reduce friction. According to the FAA, this is a frequent factor in run-off and overrun incidents by airplanes. This makes runway rubber removal an important part of runway maintenance and safety.

Using hydroblasting technology for runway rubber removal, not only cleans the runways, but runway rubber removal service does not damage existing painted markings and lines. Runway rubber removal service will help clean your runway of the following buildup:

Runway rubber removal minimizes runway downtime and gets your runways up as soon as possible to save you time, money and headaches.

Don’t risk runway hazards from rubber build-up. Call today and ask about our runway rubber removal service.