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Site Map for Zimmerman Paint Pavement Painting

Home – Airports, highways, large parking lots, railroad yards, test tracks, race tracks and highways; Zimmerman Paint is your home for pavement painting services and traffic signage.

About Us – Learn about Zimmerman Paint, what pavement painting services we do and what area we serve for pavement painting.

History of Zimmerman Paint – The history of Zimmerman Paint and how we have come to grow in the pavement painting service industry.

Contact Us – Our address, phone number and e-mails of our staff. See how you can contact us for your pavement painting needs.

Highway Striping – From long stretches of highway to complex intersections, Zimmerman Paint can accommodate these pavement painting needs.

Large Parking Lot Striping – No parking lot is too large or complex for us. Learn why Zimmerman Paint is the best at tackling these types of projects.

Airport Painting and Striping – Airport runways and helipads need pavement painting, too. See how Zimmerman Paint is one of the leading airport painting and stripers in Northwest Ohio.

Warehouse Striping – We stripe indoors, too. See what we can do to stripe your warehouse or factory to keep you OSHA compliant.

Other Striping Services – We also stripe race tracks, test tracks and railroad yards.

We Make and Sell Signage – All signage for construction, road construction, traffic and personal protective equipment- we can make them according to regulation. We even offer custom signs.

Experience Matters – Not only do we have the right equipment and knowledge for your pavement painting needs, but we have the experience to prove it. See what projects we have done in our service area.

Learn About Parking Lot Line Striping Layouts – A valuable source for parking lot layouts and the types of lines utilized in striping a parking lot.

Types of Road Paints We Use – Learn about the different types of paints we use for pavement painting and the reasons we use them.

Line Removal – If you want pavement painting removed, see how we can help.

About Hydroblasting Service – Learn about hydrblasting and how it can benefit you.

Pavement and Concrete Grinding – All about our pavement and concrete grinding services.

FAA Regulations – A great resource for FAA Regulations and keeping up with the latest changes.

Runway Rubber Removal – Learn the importance of removing rubber off of runways and how we can help.

Temporary Fence Rental – Rent our fences and temporary barriers for your events or crowd control.