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Road Paints for Every Condition

Road Striping and Painting - Zimmerman Paint ContractorsIt isn’t as simple as just laying down road paint and going home. There are many factors that have to be taken into account when choosing the right road paint for highway striping, parking lot striping and airport striping. Below are a list of conditions that are taken into account:

The expert staff at Zimmerman Paint knows where and when to use the right road paint for optimal outcome. All of our paints comply with Federal Highway Administration guidelines.

Types of Road Paint

Water Based Road Paints - We use Sherwin Williams paint specifically designed for paved surfaces. It is bright, highly visible and ideally used in parking lots and other light traffic areas. Glass beads can be added for extra reflectivity.

Latex Road Paints – Depending on the sealant type, latex road paint may be the ideal type of road paint to we use on for your project. It dries fast, in only 1 to 2 minutes, when heated. It is an ideal road paint that requires fast dry times and is less affected by humidity than other road paints. Glass beads can also be added to this type of road paint.

Acetone Road Paints – The acetone paint we use is a conventional dry road paint that is non-heat applied. Paints that have acetone as the main solvent are exempt under Federal law, and don’t contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). This road paint is best used on cured asphalt surfaces.

Thermoplastic Truck for Road Painting and Line StripingThermoplastic Road Paints – Thermoplastic road paint has a unique property, in which it starts as a solid, turns into a liquid when heated and then turns into a solid again when it cools. Normally used as road paint for striping streets, it is ideal for newly paved roads. It is more time consuming to lay down, but is worth it, as it stands up to high traffic areas and weather conditions well.

Hot Tape – Easier to apply than thermoplastic, it has thermoplastic’s durability as a road paint. It is designed for high traffic areas and has an excellent skid resistance. It is applied at temperatures greater than freezing.