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Zimmerman Paint History

History of Zimmerman Paint Contractors, Co.Jack Zimmerman, the current owner and President of Zimmerman Paint Contractors Co. was born in 1961 in Fremont, OH along with his twin sister Jill. Jack and Jill spent the early morning of their 9th birthday striping the downtown area of Milan, OH, and the tradition began.

Jack’s Dad, Clarence “Pete” Zimmerman, was cutting hair in his barber shop in Fremont in 1959 when a customer mentioned that he needed his parking lot striped. Pete borrowed a striper from a friend, striped the lot, and Zimmerman Paint Contractors Co. was born.

Fast forward to 1981. Jack graduated from The Ohio State University with his Associates degree in Marketing, and continued his career of working in retail until 1987. In December 1987 Pete approached Jack about coming to work for the family business. Jack agreed and under Pete’s watchful eye was groomed to take over ZPC.

At that time ZPC had four full time employees. By 1998 Pete & Jack had grown the company and now employed 25 full time people. During that time ZPC started working for area contractors on projects for the Ohio Department of Transportation, a big leap from the local parking lots back in 1959! In 1997 Lorraine, Jack’s wife, joined the company and started the Thermoplastic division, after purchasing Tom-Ken Pavement Marking Co. in 1998.

In 2001 Brandon Willer, a past summer employee joined the company as a full-time employee. Brandon worked the previous five summers at ZPC while attending school at Hillsdale College. He graduated with a degree in Education and has since worked his way into the position of General Manager of ZPC. Brandon runs the day to day operations, including scheduling all projects for the company.

In 2004 Brandon’s wife April was brought on board to start the sign division of ZPC. Originally intended to suffice ZPC’s own needs for private and public signage, the sign manufacturing has expanded to supplying over 50 area contractors and over a dozen municipalities.

Around that same time Bill Sheets, who was working as a project manager on one of the crews, was brought into the office and took over the role as head estimator. In 2006 ZPC entered into an agreement to become a union striping company with the Local Laborer’s Union. As the market conditions have changed ZPC has endured as a company, securing its position as Northwest Ohio’s premier pavement marking contractor.